2021 Achievements

2021 Achievements

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January 2021: Mayor’s Affordable Housing Task Force included 3 NOAH leaders. 

In October 2020, Mayor Cooper promised 700 NOAH members he would create  

this task force. It met weekly for 5 months to create a plan for affordable housing,  

which included several NOAH priorities that were funded in the Metro Budget.  


March 2021: NOAH called for changes in police policy.

Two people had been shot by police, with one death. NOAH proposed the HEALS program to send mental health  workers on mental health calls, instead of police. http://bit.ly/mar-18

March-June 2021: NOAH challenged Mayor and Council to develop a “Moral Budget.” • 65 people met with key Metro Council Members on housing needs.

  • The report from Mayor’s Affordable Housing Task Force included NOAH’s

housing priorities. https://bit.ly/tf-rec 

  • In April, NOAH held a Press Conference on funding needed for Social Emotional

Learning to stop the “school-to-prison pipeline.” https://bit.ly/noah-sel 

  • In May, 160 people attended our “Moral Budget Town Hall,” organizing to

contact Metro Council. 

What we won together in the Metro Budget: https://bit.ly/budget-wins 

a) $22.5 million for the Barnes Affordable Housing Trust Fund; two new housing staff; $500,000 for a real plan.  

b) $3.7 million to develop Social Emotional Learning “Advocacy Centers” in 72 elementary schools to reduce suspensions and break the “school-to-prison pipeline.”

August 2021: “Day of Power and Prayer for Education” – Rally for education funding.

The state-wide rally included MICAH in Memphis and CALEB in Chattanooga, laying groundwork for changes in the  Basic Education Program, which funds school systems.  

October 2021: NOAH holds virtual Annual Meeting, called “Thriving, Not Just Surviving.”

Over 400 people heard commitments from the Mayor, Metro School Board chair, and  

others on housing, education, criminal justice, and jobs. https://bit.ly/noah-oct17

December 2021: NOAH holds “Education Town Hall”

 With TN Education Commissioner; sponsored with EdTrust, a state-wide education advocacy group 

  •  Six NOAH leaders testified about the need for Tennessee to invest more in public education: teacher pay; technology; social emotional learning
  • NOAH’s call and response: “What do we need?” “We need a bigger pie!” https://bit.ly/educ-pie d) NOAH gave Commissioner Schwinn a pie with a message about the need for a bigger education funding “pie.”