No More Mental Health Killings!

No More Mental Health Killings!

by | Feb 2, 2022 | blog | 0 comments


Last year, NOAH leaders attempted to get HEALS (Health Engagement and Liaison Services) included in the Metro Budget because we knew that Nashville needs a mental health response to mental health crisis.  While we made some good connections and found much support, we were not successful last year.    After the recent killing of Landon Eastep on I-65 and other mental health incidents in Nashville, we know that HEALS is needed even more now.

HEALS is based upon CAHOOTS in Eugene, Oregon, a nationally recognized community responder program where mental health crisis workers respond to 911 calls instead of law enforcement.  CAHOOTS teams intervene and make referrals to health and social services without the uniforms, sirens, and handcuffs that can increase distress for people in crisis.  Community responder programs improve health outcomes, reduce unnecessary arrests, and save lives.

Can you help us get HEALS adopted by our Metro Council this year?   Or do you want to know more?   Please email Mike Hodge at with your name and contact info, and we will get back to you quickly!


View HEALS proposal here