Don’t Hate, Educate! Rally on March 3

Don’t Hate, Educate! Rally on March 3

by | Feb 23, 2022 | blog | 0 comments

It’s time for Tennesseans to stand up and say “DON’T HATE, EDUCATE!” Join the NOAH Education Task Force for a rally for public school students and teachers on Thursday, March 3 at 12 p.m. in front of the Cordell Hull State Office Building (425 Rep. John Lewis Way).

Tennessee’s governor and the general assembly are proposing legislation that would harm our public school students, including the following bills:

  • HB1676/SB1775: Gives State Board of Ed unilateral control of local curriculum, in Senate Ed today, Wednesday, Feb 16th
  • HB1648/SB2597: Denies public school enrollment for undocumented children and/or fines local districts for enrolling them. It will be heard in committee on Tuesday, Feb. 22

As you can see, committees are reviewing this legislation today, 2/16, and next week! Please write letters to committee members – visit this page for information and instructions. (Once you have written your letter, we would appreciate it if you informed us – please email Thanks. 

Some might call these and the other harmful bills a “slate of hate.” What is behind these bills? Why target vulnerable populations or scour libraries for materials designed to open children’s minds to the world around them? And when so many politicians decry the involvement of government in our public lives, why do we see legislation that could easily be called “big government interference” in our public schools? How did we get here?

NOAH is standing up for our values: Equity, Justice and an Excellent Education for All of our Children! We are calling on you to stand up for our children and to declare “DON’T HATE – EDUCATE!” Please mark Friday, March 3rd at 12 noon on your calendars and join us in front of the Cordell Hull State Office Building for a rally in support of our children, our educators and the future of our state! And, please write your letters today – don’t wait!

Questions? Please contact Community Organizer, Brian Zralek at