NOAH School Board Primaries Press Conference – April 12th

NOAH School Board Primaries Press Conference – April 12th

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The NOAH Education Task Force is holding a press conference on Tuesday, April 12th at 4 pm to share our School Board Candidates survey. The event will take place at the MNPS School Board building: 2601 Bransford Ave, Nashville, TN 37204.

School Board leadership has become much more political over the past two years. Our values – equity, justice and access to a world-class education – are at risk. So what do we do? We wade into the waters!

This year, Metro Nashville Public Schools will hold primary elections for School Board positions in districts 2, 4, 6 and 8. The elections for these important positions are on May 3, 2022, along with other state and county seats. Turn-out for local elections usually trends much lower than for federal or state elections. We must change that trajectory because there is a lot on the line for our schools, our teachers and parents and our most precious resource – our children!

The NOAH Education Task Force created a survey for School Board candidates, to see where and how they line up with our current priorities: uprooting racism in systems that impact our children’s education. We do our work in the areas of SEL, Academics and state level policies.

Please join us at 4 pm on Tuesday, April 12 at the MNPS School Board building! Questions? Please contact Organizer, Brian Zralek at 615-636-7197 or