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Affordable Housing in Nashville

Housing costs have skyrocketed in the last 10 years. Nashville’s growth has been fueled by the expansion of high-wage white collar industries, driving up the cost of purchasing a home and renting an apartment.

Changes in industries meant that wages increased only slowly, while housing costs shot up.  One recent study said that to rent the median-priced apartment in Nashville, someone would need to make $22 per hour.  Buying the median-priced home would require $33 per hour.

Rising costs are pushing many people out of the county. Finding affordable housing is now difficult for teachers, police officers, firefighters, service industry workers, and those on a fixed income




Families in Davidson County that spend at least half their income on housing costs


Individuals facing chronic homelessness


Increase in home and rental values from 2010-2019

What should be done?

NOAH’s Affordable Housing Task Force focuses on issues determined by its members including the following:

  • Continued support for the Barnes Housing Fund and other funds dedicated to affordable housing developments throughout the county
  • The creation of community agreements that ensure the investment in affordable housing projects in addition to new developments like the East Bank
  • Protection of seniors and other residents who are vulnerable to rising housing prices and gentrification

About the Affordable Housing Task Force

The NOAH Affordable Housing Task Force (AHTF) includes members of NOAH organizations. 
NOAH is concerned about eliminating inequity in the housing market. 

The Affordable Housing Task Force meets on the third Sunday of the month at 2:30 pm.