Historical Racial Inequities
In Education

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  1. 2015 – 2021 NOAH increased resources for affordable housing by funding from Mayor and Metro Council to Barnes Affordable Housing Trust Fund ($45 million from 2015-2020, with an additional $22.5 million in 2021).

    June 2016 – $10 million in Metro Budget
    June 2017 – $10 million in Metro Budget
    June 2018 – $10 million in Metro Budget
    June 2019 – $10 million in Metro Budget — but $5 million withdrawn due to budget crisis
    June 2020 – $10 million in Metro Budget
    June 2021 – $22.5 million in Metro Budget

  2. January 2017, December 2018, December 2019– NOAH succeeded in having 3 affordable housing experts, including 2 NOAH leaders, appointed to the board of Metro Development and Housing Agency.
  3. October 2020 – NOAH gained a commitment from Mayor Cooper to create a Mayor’s Affordable Housing Task Force, including 3 NOAH leaders, to develop a real plan for the housing crisis. Their critical recommendations began to be implemented in 2021.
  4. July-August 2020 NOAH successfully advocated with a Mayor’s committee and the Metro Council to use $10 million in federal CARES Act funding for rental assistance and COVID-19 eviction prevention.
  5. September 2018 With Stand Up Nashville, NOAH won a Community Benefits Agreement on the proposed soccer stadium, including 20% of the related housing to be affordable.
  6. January-September 2016 NOAH succeeded in passing inclusionary zoning and developer subsidy bills through Metro Council, although state legislature later “pre-empted” these efforts.