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About NOAH

Nashville Organized for Action and Hope (NOAH) is a faith-led coalition that is multi-racial and interdenominational. Comprised of congregations, community organizations, and labor unions, our members work to give voice to traditionally marginalized people.

NOAH engages ordinary people in the political and economic decisions affecting their lives, acting as a unified voice for the faith and justice community to act on its values in the public arena. NOAH does not endorse political candidates but gets them to endorse our issues agenda, and pledge to work with NOAH if they are elected.



To combat systemic injustices through community engagement, training, and direct public action.



Nashville is an antiracist city that is just and equitable for all people.


Task Forces

NOAH’s focus areas are determined by its members, and a task force is created for each of the chosen issues. Led by NOAH organizers, our task forces are made up of member representatives who strategize actions and take steps toward equity in their team’s sector. 

Learn more about the work of NOAH Task Forces!

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