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NOAH is an organization of organizations. Individuals do not become members, but their institutions do!  (We welcome unaffiliated individuals to participate, but voting is done by member groups.)

Each congregation/organization can appoint three representatives/delegates (with one being a young adult between the ages of 18 & 34) and an alternate to NOAH’s Board of Directors. The Board meets monthly, on the second Tuesday of the month, at 6:30 PM.  (We also call this our “Membership Meeting.”)   All delegates are strongly encouraged to attend the 7-day National Leadership Training provided by the Gamaliel Foundation and/or a local organizing training.  NOAH is an affiliate of the Gamaliel Network, which has 44 affiliates throughout the country.

Being a member organization means DUES and PARTICIPATION!

DUES – NOAH does not want to prohibit any congregation/organization that wants to join in the work for justice. However, we know that without funds this work cannot move forward. We are asking you to put a value on your commitment to do justice. (See the membership form for more information.)

PARTICIPATION – Each group designates representatives to our board, invites its members to be on our task forces, and participates in trainings and public meetings held by NOAH.  Our goal is for all member groups to have a “Core Team” that connects the member group and NOAH and looks at ways NOAH’s method of organizing can strengthen that member group.  


A Membership Form with more explanation is HERE!   A Conflict of Interest Form is HERE for all board representatives to sign.  For more information, contact Bill Howell ( or Mike Hodge ( 

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